The merits of nature photography as retreat from street

My answer to the question of why i'm taking pictures often alludes to personal work, the building of a portfolio and now, this blog, but this seldom satisfied even myself because for long I hadn't needed an answer as such and , "it's a hobby, " doesn't seem to cut it.
I'd recently taken up digital photography again, and begun to routinely walk around my neighbourhood and adjacent suburbs in search of images, which may have struck some people who would witness this as odd, or suspicious, and surmise that my presence and photographing around their homes would be tantamount to criminality —my race does more ail than aid here. Suspicions mounted, and the sum of them was a conspiracy to crescendo into my being 'apprehended'.
Soon enough, I was accosted by a squad of armed security contractors during one of my walks, and asked to explain the purpose of my walking around taking photos, if it were indeed not to facilitate break-ins. I was incensed during the ordeal, flung profanities, and felt the pangs of indignation for a couple of days, but subsequently distanced myself from the style of suburban images which I was exploring at the time. 
I began to shoot nature and take frequent walks to a local lake. The process is solitary, meditative, and even serves to cool one's temper. The following photographs are from some of those visits.


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